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Debate time! You all get to pitch in!

Wow, look it's your (un)faithful moderator! Muhawawa. Yea, I know I haven't spoken a word in a few months, I swear this thing with get something nice, a scan of a lolita or kana, mana or anything. i just need all this school papers to be done with.

Anyway, now that this is all done let's start a healthy debate! -Pulls out the big red fans- Ok, topic:

Should Gothic and Lolita ever be introduced in America's subculture? Should it be shown to the American culture like the rest of the "gothic" underworld [the little that IS shown] such as articles that have been in Gothic Beauty for one. Or on the covers of vogue as I have often spotted articles for. If so, where should these type of clothing be sold at? Given over to Hot Topic which will more than likely rip it to culture shreds, or only on-line being sold at prices to high for any Lolita wantings? What do you guys think? Honestly, I wanna know. Are you guys worried it'll become a "fad" even though everything goes through that time in our culture? Talk! Come on people.
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