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i'm lizzie, am french, am new to this community, will b 18 next month and just 'label' myself as being a goth lolita or just an old school punk rawk chick who look like 1 ^_^
but i luv old school goth music, i toatly luv joy division, the sisters, siouxsie, echo and the bunnymen etc..
i think nowadays teenage goths looks horrid.. O_o
i like sophistication and taste..
i got now a bettie page like fringe, btw, prrrretty ^_^
these are my pix, tell me wot you think, dolls ♥

me, a year ago (lookin like a 70's hippie ^_^) and my gothic X ♥

my beloved teddybear marc ♥ (now is wearing a gothic black rose broche) ^_^

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Hehe, I liked how you used "wot" ^^; Don't mind me. You;re very pretty also! I wish I was as pretty as you *.*
thanxxxx ♥
Nice pics. I love pictures of people with their Moms: there's just such trust and comfort in them.
thanx, oh and that's my granmother, btw!