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Wow, we grew!

I just like to say, woo! Our community is growing and isn't dead yet! Oh yea! -does a lil dance- oK, now that I am done with being an idiot, let's get to it. I'd just like to say welcome to all the new members! I am so happy people are updating and showing off their pretty selves! I must say, we have some beautiful members I don't even know why I am the moderator here. XD. I feel like instead of this being a community for lolita it should be for the beautiful [just kiding] oh I know, I know. I am suppose to put up scans and pictures and everything but the pictures I took....look like crap basically. And sadly I don't own a digital camera myself which is very disapointing. And the people I do know with one I must get in touch with because I think I have the most perfect dress for and these shoes. But enough babblering.

Well, have fun guys and don't be afraid to post anything up here, art, pictures, anything. Don't worry even if it's not lolita related. This is a creative community and I mean that. Oh, and don't forget to take the banner if you want, it's on the info page, or will be once I remember to get my ass in gear. Oh, and don't be afraid to ask to add anyone. Make some friend damn't. XD. Bye.
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