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++Where little girls once laid broken++

Yet not broken enough to still dream

Pretend Beauty
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Welcome! This community is made for the subculture world of the subculture world! Here you can post pictures of gothic models, yourself, photography you have done, gothic lolita scans,J-rockers,icons of all sorts and dolls. This community was created for the world of creative ideas and all the pretties that go along side it! Don't worry if you are into gothic modeling yet not Gothic lolita or the Jrock commuity. Or if you like both, then you'll fit in here. So, if you have a doll, or are a gothic lolita don't be shy to post pictures of you and your love one [i.e. Stuff animal]

Also, remember this is a community that promotes talk and healthy discussion of different topics and ideas so don't be afraid to say what is on your mind and create a spark!

I hate to do this, but there are two basic rules:

1. More than 2 pictures please put behind a Lj-cut. Only because many find it annoying to scroll past pictures on their friends list.

2. Do no harass nor make fun of another member, please be nice and thoughtful of others that come here to find a place. Or just to have fun. I do not need drama.

Here's a banner to link back to the community with. But please, if it isn't too much link it to your own server because I don't know what it will do to my already crappy photobucket account [XD]. Thanks for your support!

Moderator: K-chan masochist_kiss
Co-moderator:Caggy kawaiiyume